Rainy Wednesday

Because of one and another thing today, I choose to stay at home. There is no one people at home and its rainy outside. I don’t know what to do, I thought that it will be good if I stay at home for one day but its absolutely wrong. I got bored of everything, music, movie, books and any other things that I usually loves. Then I move to my phone, I do chit chat with my friends, cheking my Instagram timeline, Twitter, Facebook and also Path. After that, I got bored again. So I walk out from my room and try to watch some entertainment news on television but there is no interesting news. hfft.. then what should I do then?? 

I open my laptop and start to browsing random things, at first I go to my favorit blog from Ella Grace Denton but there is no something new. Then I leave it. I have an idea to find a blog who run by Indonesian people.


After browsing for a while, I found Alodita. She is one of Indonesian Bloger that I follow on Instagram. I have never open her blog before, its about beauty and life style then I got something that catch up my eyes “Cerita Pagi”. alodita.jpg

I read it and I know the feeling about what she just write in there, she said that she uninspired to do anything. So am I -_- On the comment box below I found out that so many people feel the same way. They have different way to fix it. I read all the comments and got someone who write the longest comment and click her name and she also have blog.


She is Nazura Gulfira, for a second I know She is a girl who love to travel the world. There is a box in the right side “travel journal” hmm.. then I click Inspiration categories and the first I saw is Browsing For Inspiration. On that post, she share a blog that she likes. Im visiting all of them and I have two favorites blog, there are wishWishwish and Travelettes. There are so many wonderful and fabulous photo, if you’re curious about the picture that they share go visit their blog.


Finally I found something cool that inspired me back and have a good mood. That blog its so cool, I open so many new tab to see all the post they share. Then I realize my mood is back, so I can write this post and have a feeling to listening some music again. haha..

***NowPlaying Stand By you – Rachel Platten***

Its a rainy day, you dont need to feel lonely or sad. You can find something that makes you happy, maybe something that you never think before will be the best thing who can makes you smile a little bit brighter. See ya, x .



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