“Friend is a people who always be there when you get boring of your daily activities to share and laughing on something together without asking”

It is what I am doing with my friends.. We meet just to sharing and laughing about our daily activities and many more that happen in our live when we are not around together.

Sometimes we only sitting on a couch and started dreaming and imagine about our future or our goals, makes some foods together, laughing on something, just listen to music and watch some movie. Only something like that but our day is little bit more better when we share to someone that will hear and response surely real not only to make your feeling better for a while.

If you find out a friends like that, I think you will get happier in your life. When a problems comes to you, you just need to face it then you can share it with your friend and discuss it with them and asking for suggestion to get through of it. right?


I think you don’t need someone who only act like they need you very much but they didn’t give it back to you. Like when you need them, they just can’t be there with so many reasons or maybe someone that really act they will help you with whatever your problem is but it just to show off that they care not because they really want to help you or maybe someone who following you all the time just to make sure that you are their friend so “you and i” should holding on together whenever and wherever we go. what the xxxx

But because of your friendly heart you will help some people like that forever.. right? So if you are in this situation, you need to think twice before it takes your life a little bit longer with someone like that. Its really really really really and really wasting your time and your life to be around a people like that…

It just only me or maybe you have ever meet someone like that? 

I hope you never meet that kind of people

Now make sure that you are having fun with your friends. Because live is more better when you happy and there is no problem that doesn’t have  a way out. So enjoy your life, live more better in this world and loves people around you. See ya, x .




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