Hello everyone.. so today I wanna share to all of you that I (I mean We) finally done our last chapter in State Polytechnic of Jakarta and bring home A.Md to be my title. *Yuhuuuuuuu* Its sounds great ya? Finally We can leave all of them (all of them?)

At the end of my campus life finally I found a friends that have a same reason to live  in this world. (What? Im just kidding) Haha forget it, This is us. Seven girls who have a very different characters and I dont know how we can be friend. Take a look at this two photos. We used the same color in two different days without telling each other. The photos look more great yaaa?


Day3 (white)

We are soooooo happy and can not wait to our graduation party..

For the last I wanna say thanks to Kak Pita one of my favorites vlogger because she sent me “congratulations” message after I sent her a video on snapchat that said “Hello kak pita, I just graduated this day. After this I will watch all your vlog that I’ve miss” thennnnn not long after that she sent me a message.. thanks to you, you made my day.


Sooooooooooooooooooooooo.. Congratulations everyone!

After this We can live our life more better for the new chapter of our life. Work or maybe marry (?) who knows?? HAHAHAAHAA!!

congrats quotes

“21 & 22 July 2016”



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