5 Favorite Songs Right Now #5

Have you ever think its not only Zayn who leaving One Direction but all of them start a new project on their own. We know zayn have an album even now he did a collaboration with many people and the newest one as you know, Taylor Swift. Now we have Niall with his single “This Town” and we already know that Harry is busy with his new upcoming movie ‘Dunkirk’ And not only them, Louis have a new song featuring Steve Aoki. But I’m sorry that I dont know some news about Liam, the thing that I’ve heard that he’s going to be a real “daddy”. So One Direction, when will you make a reunion concert? 

Oh hello guys, I’m sorry it just come out from my mind when I want to share my 5 favorite songs right now. I miss them so much, I’m a biggest fan of them and I’m so sad because Zayn leaving the band on my first concert of One Direction in Indonesia. Yap lets move from this topic to my #5FSRN. I dont want to talk about that day anymore.. So just check my playlist rn

1.Gnash ft Johny Yukon – Home


this part

Doesn’t matter where we are
We are never far apart, no
Doesn’t matter where we go
When I’m with you I am home
Yeah, I am home

and this

When I get it all, I’mma give it all to you
And when I get it all, I’mma give it all to you
And know I did it all, yeah I did it all for you




Its K-Pop time, do you know BLACKPINK? If you dont, and want to hear some K-Pop music I recommend you to listen Bombayah, Whistle, Playing With Fire and Stay. This is Cool! I repeat it all the time when I got boring.

3.Louis Tomlinson ft Steve Aoki


Click Me!

First performance of Louis Tomlinson on X-Factor UK, wdyt?

4.Noah Cyrus ft Labrinth – Make Me (cry) Acoustic


I am a 100% like the acoustic version, its just me or you tooo?

5.Maudy Ayunda – Seberapa Jauh Ku Melangkah


Its Indonesia version of OST Moana.

I love the lyrics and how she sing it ♥

see ya, x.




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