Bye, Tumblr.


Hello guys, i want to talk about tumblr here. I believe most of you know about this one, right? But, have you heard about the news? I just know it like a week ago and totally shocked and dont know what to do. So, here i am sharing my thought.

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Beauty Review : Lip Stain – BLP Beauty


Hey guys, kali ini saya mau review tentang Lip Stain dari BLP Beauty yang masih hot banget nih di pouch makeup saya. Kenapa mau review lip stain ini di karenakan udah lama banget ngga bikin review di blog ini, hehehe dan kebetulan udah lama banget ngga pake perona bibir sejenis lip stain ini *actually its my first time to hear about lip stain, all i know only lip tint and i thought maybe its the same*. If you guys curious about this product then just read my review below

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