5 Favorite Songs Right Now #7

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5 Favorite Songs Right Now #5

Have you ever think its not only Zayn who leaving One Direction but all of them start a new project on their own. We know zayn have an album even now he did a collaboration with many people and the newest one as you know, Taylor Swift. Now we have Niall with his single “This Town” and we already know that Harry is busy with his new upcoming movie ‘Dunkirk’ And not only them, Louis have a new song featuring Steve Aoki. But I’m sorry that I dont know some news about Liam, the thing that I’ve heard that he’s going to be a real “daddy”. So One Direction, when will you make a reunion concert? 

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5 Favorite Songs Right Now #4

Hello.. I am back again with this 5FSRN. Im not write to much in here since I graduate because I feel so damn free. I can do anything because I’m not student anymore haha. I go travelling with my family, meet up with my friends, throw away anything that reminds me of college life #justkiddin, and once in my lifetime I am being a part of job seeker in jobfair and I dont like it.  You know, I just want to enjoy this year. Maybe in 2017 I will try again to find something to work. yea? even so many people ask me “where do you work rn? what do you do?” #bye!

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5 Favorite Songs Right Now #3

Hello Everyone, I can’t believe that today is already July. The last time I bloged about 5FSRN was on March. So.. hello guys. I am back. I have been busy with my last semester, so many work, so tiring and that moments finally done. Now I must go to the next level. Its gonna be more harder maybe, I don’t know lets hope that everything will be run smoothly and easily.

Okayyy… Lets talk about My favorite songs right now. For the last 6 months I am using JOOX as my music streaming on my phone and I really like this application. You know, before i am using joox, I downloaded song from youtube then I need to convert it as a mp3 so that’s what am I doing to listening some music. As you know that so many  website for free mp3 download but they are not working so nice, there are a lot of adv, virus and sometimes when you click the download button, they are not downloaded what you wanted but another annoying things like virus.

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