5 Favorite Songs Right Now #9


Hello everyone, how are you? I’m good btw, “just if you wanna know, but if you don’t then just leave it”, lol. As you can see, I will share about my 5FSRN like I always do but its going to be different for this post. Why? If you asking why, the answer is because I’m obsessed with this two album for almost a month. So, I will share my top 5 favorites from each album. If you obsessed with this album like me, then check out my favorite songs from each of them 🙂 it might be different from yours, lets see.

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5 Favorite Songs Right Now #5

Have you ever think its not only Zayn who leaving One Direction but all of them start a new project on their own. We know zayn have an album even now he did a collaboration with many people and the newest one as you know, Taylor Swift. Now we have Niall with his single “This Town” and we already know that Harry is busy with his new upcoming movie ‘Dunkirk’ And not only them, Louis have a new song featuring Steve Aoki. But I’m sorry that I dont know some news about Liam, the thing that I’ve heard that he’s going to be a real “daddy”. So One Direction, when will you make a reunion concert? 

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