Bye, Tumblr.


Hello guys, i want to talk about tumblr here. I believe most of you know about this one, right? But, have you heard about the news? I just know it like a week ago and totally shocked and dont know what to do. So, here i am sharing my thought.

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Cerita Hujan

Heavy Downpour

Hari-hari penuh hujan, munculnya juga tiba-tiba.. ngga gerimis dulu tapi langsung brrrrr “deres” semenit reda lima menit kemudian brrrrr “deres”. Bener-bener musim ujan yang sangat amazing. I love rain 🙂

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“Friend is a people who always be there when you get boring of your daily activities to share and laughing on something together without asking”

It is what I am doing with my friends.. We meet just to sharing and laughing about our daily activities and many more that happen in our live when we are not around together.

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Rainy Wednesday

Because of one and another thing today, I choose to stay at home. There is no one people at home and its rainy outside. I don’t know what to do, I thought that it will be good if I stay at home for one day but its absolutely wrong. I got bored of everything, music, movie, books and any other things that I usually loves. Then I move to my phone, I do chit chat with my friends, cheking my Instagram timeline, Twitter, Facebook and also Path. After that, I got bored again. So I walk out from my room and try to watch some entertainment news on television but there is no interesting news. hfft.. then what should I do then?? 

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